Day 10- What is Greed and When is More Considered as too much?



What is Greed and When is More Considered as too much?

Greed happens when someone repeatedly focuses on a reality which reflects lack. A lack reality is where life tends to be reflected from a pessimistic, fearful or doubtful perspective. A victim conscious, which we discussed briefly in Day Two’s Freewill states that, “some of us have victim mentalities, where we tend to give our power to someone”. In order to live a balanced life, it is an imperative to free yourself from self-destructing habits which serve to hinder society and the freedom which you are Rightfully Entitled to.

People who are within a reality which reflects a position of lack or pessimism will see life itself as an impediment.

Do you have no hope? Becoming overly possessive of people and items can also reveal your heavy thoughts, emotions and choices in life. Since victims have already allowed themselves to be taken advantage of, they may have feelings that they’ve been wronged in some way, which can lead to over indulgence in anything they choose, and some cases an addiction will occur.

Now this is all my opinion, but I do believe that when you feel as if you have not had enough of something, then you will want more; especially if it’s something that gives you feelings of pleasure. I, then also believe that this feeling for more turns into a consciousness or mentality where you may feel as if you are always entitled to something in life from others and this is where the need to fill a void resides. It is a clear dependency on something, or someone else which is now your need to always have more if it.

“If you feel like you were ever wronged and taken advantage of, plus having to deal with the ongoing emotional effects of it, then this is one of the ways which a consciousness for greed, or excessive more is emergent.”

This can lead to habitual hoarding of material items which serve little purpose in your life, – only a short-lived emotional satisfaction. You may have a feeling that you always want more people around you, and that would be you trying to keep their attention on you for some reason or another. Situations like those will create a reality where you’d feel as if more is what makes your life all the better.

In actuality, it is a sign of greed, which according to Merriam-Webster, is an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power over other people, or even excessive food intake. Your need to vehemently demand from another, will reveal emotions that you are dissatisfied with how your life may be going.

So now the big question is this: If you’re unhappy with your life right now, whose actions led to it? Are you noticing a greed, which does not only refer to food, that makes you feel as if you want more of someone or something in life and then when you get it, -life will be okay? Only when you choose to wholeheartedly create a balanced life with purpose is when “everything will be okay”.

Your feelings of lack is what will create these circumstances, because what happens is that you feel as if someone, or something can make you feel better and that is unrealistic. Since you are the one who is responsible for your life, then it is only fair to say you are the one who landed yourself in that position. No matter who shows up in your life and showers you with gifts, -you will always have to confront yourself.


What happens when greed presents itself?

The truth about greed is that it’s larger than eating and money. If you are selfishly demanding more of anything from someone else, then it clearly reveals that you’re not doing it for yourself. By holding that inability to become Responsible over your request, you can end up driving family and/or friends away from you.

There are many friends who will uplift you into greater understanding, but when you ALLOW yourself to be trotted over and taken advantage of by others, then what will you do? You may want dominion over others, -demanding their attention, or you may express it within relationships, or it may reflect in a simple response to how you treat others.

Another example of when greed presents itself is when people react in a maltreated way, when things do not go your way. Are others indebted to you just because you command something of them? NO! What if you are focused on your own desires, and hold great value to what you are doing? Will you stop what you’re doing to go help someone who does not want to help themselves?

DO you believe in showing attention to yourself? Can you make your own self smile? Demanding so much from others and even over indulging is only setting you up to “NOT” get the attention that you want from yourself.


According to Personality Spirituality:

“GREED is one of the seven basic flaws or “dark” personality traits. We all have the potential for greedy tendencies, but in people with a strong fear of lack or deprivation, Greed can become a dominant pattern.”

Greed is an interesting term, because I feel as if it is more a side effect of not really having what you want in life. But on a more responsible view of things, it is realistic to say that material items and possessions will not cure your unhappiness, neither/or can this more heal any maladies.

In today’s society, we tend to keep ourselves and the emotions inside of us within this cage of inner chaos. This may happen because of what we think opinionated family members, or nosey friends would think about us. So we try to cover up who we really are.

Every attempt that you make to cover up your true self, only serves a purpose to hinder you. You will take longer to live a balanced life with authentic value. Are you demanding attention and emotions from others frequently? Do you partake in excessive eating in order to run from confronting your emotional self? Do you believe those shopping purchases will make you look better when your tearing yourself apart on the inside?

“Greed serves to cover up areas in life that you are running from. Stop running from yourself and become your best friend. Are you afraid to look in the mirror and say hello? That person is just as normal as you think they are.”

How about this: NORMAL IS THE NEW UNIQUE. When the moment arrives for you to let those outside opinions collapse into the ethers, this is the day when you will welcome many new discoveries, interests and ideas about yourself. This would be you choosing to become whole with yourself and this is how you will identify who you are and from here you are as balanced as a universe with life flowing through it.

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This is Greed, Day 10 of The Inner Prosperity Foundation’s 12 Day Series of Delicate Guidance and Self-Redefinition. Please share this message as a contribution into the lives of the family and friends that you care for.

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